Which companies have shipping trainees on the Danish Shipping Academy’s Commercial Shipping Program?
    You can find a list of companies here

    What educational background do I need?
    The companies have different admission requirements, e.g. an upper secondary education (STX, HHX) or a bachelor or master’s degree.

    Do I get paid as a shipping trainee?
    Trainees are paid during their traineeship. The companies have different levels of salaries.

    Can I participate in the Danish Shipping Academy’s Commercial Shipping Program without being a trainee?
    No, you can only participate as part of a traineeship.

    How to apply?
    Please send your applications directly to the companies.

    When should I apply?
    Most companies start advertising in the early part of the year for trainees starting in August/September. You can find job advertisements on World Careers’ Jobportal here

    Do I earn ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System)?
    The Commercial Shipping Program at the Danish Shipping Academy is a private non governmental approved education and, therefore, the trainees do not earn ECTS points.



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