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In September 2021, the Commercial Shipping Program will become Danish Shipping Education. To learn more about Danish Shipping Education, click here.

As a shipping trainee at a Danish shipping company in combination with courses at the Danish Shipping Academy you will receive an interesting, busy and instructive two-year education. It switches between on-the-job training at the company and education at the Danish Shipping Academy’s Commercial Shipping Program.

Your education at the Commercial Shipping Program includes three courses in Denmark where you stay and are taught together with trainees from other shipping companies. Between these courses you will undergo training as e-learning.


Years of education

“The best thing about the Commercial Shipping Program is the combination of academic enrichment but also the opportunity to meet fellow trainees from other shipping companies.”

Michael F. Thomsen

1st year trainee at the Commercial Shipping Program


a year

Meet the companies

The companies below have shipping trainees at the Danish Shipping Academy’s Commercial Shipping Program. Most of them will take on shipping trainees starting in August/September 2019. You can apply for available positions directly via their websites. Click the logos and see the companies’ websites. Read more

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